Counter-strike Condition Zero crash on war3ft Load

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Counter-strike Condition Zero crash on war3ft Load

Post by Mp3RiPpEr » Fri Jun 01, 2007 11:43 am

Allright so heres whats going on.

If I load up with non saving XP it Loads fine
If I load up with Saved Xp (MYSQL) it loads fine.

now if I load up with SQLITE it causes The entire program to crash with a debug error (yes im running war3ft with debug mode on)

ANy version before 3.0 RC7 works fine Just RC7 crashes. hopefully this helps. Thanks again!


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Post by ferret » Fri Jun 01, 2007 12:41 pm

Let's see if you can figure this out. Your post says "WC3FT"

Yet the forum says:
Warcraft 3 MODs Forum Index -> Warcraft 3 XP by ferret (Spacedude/Dopefish) -> WC3XP - Bug Feedback

Do you see the problem yet?
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