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Install Help

Postby ferret » Wed Jul 06, 2005 10:52 am

Originally posted by DoubleTap on the old forums, will rewrite later:

If you have tried to install WC3 Mod for AMX/AMXX and are having problems, we are going to need some information from you. Failure to provide this information may get your message nuked or ignored. We cannot read minds, but we CAN help you troubleshoot if given the proper information.

Provide us the server output from your typing "meta list" in console (or HLSW). It should look like this:

13:10:29 meta list

13:10:29 Currently loaded plugins:

description stat pend file vers src load unlod

Blah Blah Blah

6 plugins, 6 running
Then, "amx modules" in console:

13:11:32 amx modules

13:11:32 Currently loaded modules:

name type version author status

Blah Blah Blah

5 modules, 5 correct
And finally "AMX LIST" (ONLY BROKE and total plugins, the rest is spam we dont need scrolling thru to see what we want):

44 plugins, 44 running
Based on this info we might be able to figure out what versions you are running and see if you have to upgrade your MM/AMX/AMXX/VEXD/WC3. If your using OLD or outdated versions of CS or AMX/WC3 many of your problems may be self induced but we will try and provide whatever help we can.

When your ready to give info we are ready to figure out what YOU did wrong...

This is a WC3 support community for WARCRAFT 3 XP version. This is not server 101, AMX, AMXX or any other WC3 version support forums. You must have a properly working server and have followed the WC3 doc's (NO INSTALLERS) to get proper support here.

-< >-

Lazarus Long: And I know you didn't because the Server Files are version 2.2.6 and the file you posted is version 2.2.5, so do as I told you above and don't ever lie to me again or help is gone!

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