VIP/IMMUNITY ADMIN, please help? :(

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VIP/IMMUNITY ADMIN, please help? :(

Postby abuse2011 » Sun May 20, 2012 10:44 am

First of all i'm sorry if i'm posting this in the wrong section, but i'm new to this forum so please excuse me.
Now here's the question;
The other day i was playing on a wc3 server and say that you could buy VIP status and IMMU ADMIN status wich gave you more options, like faster running, higher jumps and the ability to change maps ect.
You bought this via SMS, you texted a sertain text to a number you were given and it costed about $5 to be "immunity admin" for 25 days.
I want to have this on my wc3 server im planning to start, so can i find this plugin somewhere? i've searched the web but can't find where the player acctually PAYS for this service.

anyone know how/where i can get this?

any help is very much appreciated! :D

thx in advance,

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