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Version 2.2.8

Postby Geesu » Thu Nov 17, 2005 8:34 pm

- Addition: Added FT_query_client cvar, setting this to 1 will NOT query the client's cl_minmodel value
- Addition: Vault pruning (only works with data inserted from version 2.2.8 and onward)
- Change: sv_mysql_save_end_round changed to sv_save_end_round
- Change: (VAULT) When saving data, playername is now at the end of the string (vault conversion will be able to pull the playername)
- Change: Saving at the end of the round is improved (one query for every .1 seconds, not ALL queries at once)
- Change: sv_save_end_round default changed from 0 to 1
- Change: sv_mysql_auto_pruning changed to FT_auto_pruning (b/c its not just mysql, also sqlite)
- Improvement: Re-wrote/updated the MySQL/Vault/SQLLite code (XP.inl)
- Bug Fix: Pruning now works for MySQL (untested for SQLLITE) - now occurs on EVERY map change
- Bug Fix: Evasion will no longer randomly kill you
- Removed: Option to auto-start/stop the server
- Removed: plugin_modules()

Pretty decent update here guys, a lot of re-writes. Also, the war3ft.cfg is different, so please update your config files.
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