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Version 2.3.0

Postby Geesu » Tue Dec 20, 2005 8:38 am

- Addition: If there is an error on a database connection, the error is now printed to the amxx logs
- Change: How defuse kits, armor and the buyzones are interpreted (uses cstrike module now)
- Bug Fix: ADMIN_LEVEL_WC3 wasn't read for the give mole command
- Bug Fix: Shield would not be given with reincarnation
- Bug Fix: (DOD) Undead's levitiation, reincarnation, suicide bomber
- Bug Fix: Attempting to query cvar values for bots (thanks Corrosion X)
- Removed: amx_wc3 (just use amx_cvar sv_warcraft3 0/1)
- Removed: war3ft module, it is no longer needed, but fakemeta must be turned on

You must turn on fakemeta, also, the war3ft module is no longer needed

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