Since AMXX 1.7 War3 want works...

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Since AMXX 1.7 War3 want works...

Post by Nightfire » Tue May 02, 2006 2:51 pm


I have an BIG BIG Problem.
I updated War3 to 2.3.2, and also from amxx 1.60 to 1.71

But now many Plugins want works...
Also War3...

I dont know what happes...
Please help... thanks a lot!
21:49:15 Momentan geladene Plugins:
Name Version Autor Datei Status
Admin Base 1.60 AMXX Dev Team admin.amxx running
AMXBans 4.3 -/- amxbans.amxx debug
MinModel Killer 1.1 XCoder mysound_minemod running
say /motd 1.1 Pa1n say_motd.amxx running
HPK 1.2.1 XCoder hpk.amxx running
Team Balancer 1.7b8 Ptahhotep team_balancer.a running
unknown unknown unknown amx_adminmodel. bad load
unknown unknown unknown bad_camper.amxx bad load
DropX 1.0 Nightfire admin_ammo.amxx running
unknown unknown unknown healthkit.amxx bad load
unknown unknown unknown bad load
unknown unknown unknown Red_Bull.amxx bad load
unknown unknown unknown lastmanbets.amx bad load
RoundSound 1.0 PaintLancer roundsound.amxx running
Ultimate sound 0.76 ultimate_sound. running
Admin Commands 1.60 AMXX Dev Team admincmd.amxx running
Admin Help 1.60 AMXX Dev Team adminhelp.amxx running
Multi-Lingual Sys 1.60 AMXX Dev Team running
Menus Front-End 1.60 AMXX Dev Team menufront.amxx running
Commands Menu 1.60 AMXX Dev Team cmdmenu.amxx running
Players Menu 1.60 AMXX Dev Team plmenu.amxx running
Teleport Menu 1.60 AMXX Dev Team telemenu.amxx running
Maps Menu 1.60 AMXX Dev Team mapsmenu.amxx running
Std Admin Color C 1.1.1 Van der Cal std_admin_color running
Admin Chat 1.60 AMXX Dev Team adminchat.amxx running
Anti Flood 1.60 AMXX Dev Team antiflood.amxx running
Scrolling Message 1.60 AMXX Dev Team scrollmsg.amxx running
Info. Messages 1.60 AMXX Dev Team imessage.amxx running
Admin Votes 1.60 AMXX Dev Team adminvote.amxx running
NextMap 1.60 AMXX Dev Team nextmap.amxx running
Nextmap Chooser 1.60 AMXX Dev Team mapchooser.amxx running
TimeLeft 1.60 AMXX Dev Team timeleft.amxx running
Pause Plugins 1.60 AMXX Dev Team pausecfg.amxx running
Stats Configurati 1.60 AMXX Dev Team statscfg.amxx running
Weapon Menu 1.0 Mattcook & xerob weaponmenu.amxx running
Restrict Weapons 1.60 AMXX Dev Team restmenu.amxx running
unknown unknown unknown statsx.amxx bad load
unknown unknown unknown miscstats.amxx bad load
unknown unknown unknown stats_logging.a bad load
unknown unknown unknown warcraft3FT.amx bad load

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Post by Geesu » Tue May 02, 2006 7:28 pm

maybe right the line that is after that says why they aren't loading?

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Post by nightscream » Wed May 03, 2006 8:57 am

you are running AMXx 1.60 not 1.70 try to redownload it & install it
want help pm me

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