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Postby Manix » Wed Jun 13, 2007 3:46 am

geesu wrote:So stop posting bugs regarding your illegal non-steam version - we will not help you...
Suck it up and purchase the game.

2. Read the documentation/FAQ's and use the search feature FIRST!

3. Be descriptive in your titles. HELP, PLEASE HELP are not considered descriptive titles.

Geesu wrote:So I know WTF they are about...

4. Z-Bot is not supported. Plus, it is illegal.

Bail wrote:zBot is an illegal hack which activates CZ bots that are built into the CS binary. Valve builds the bots into the CS binary, but they're de-activated unless you run the game as Condition-Zero. Trying to get around this is a license violation.

5. THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION IS NEEDED...anything less and we are going to start locking topics

1. FROM SERVER CONSOLE- Go to your server console and type the following 3 commands

amxx plugins
amxx modules
meta list

It should look similar below.
amxx plugins

Code: Select all

[ 17] Nextmap Chooser    1.71     AMXX Dev Team     mapchooser.amxx  running 
 [ 18] TimeLeft           1.71     AMXX Dev Team     timeleft.amxx    running 
 [ 19] Pause Plugins      1.71     AMXX Dev Team     pausecfg.amxx    running 
 [ 20] Stats Configurati  1.71     AMXX Dev Team     statscfg.amxx    running 
 [ 21] Warcraft 3: Expan  v1.0.1   Ryan, Geesu, Ava  war3x.amxx       running 
21 plugins, 21 running
Currently loaded plugins:
       name               version  author            file             status   
 [  1] Admin Base (AmxBa  1.71     AMXX Dev Team     admin_sql.amxx   running 
 [  2] AMXBans            4.3      YoMama/Lux & lan  amxbans.amxx     running 
 [  3] Admin Commands     1.71     AMXX Dev Team     admincmd.amxx    running 
 [  4] Admin Help         1.71     AMXX Dev Team     adminhelp.amxx   running 
 [  5] Slots Reservation  1.71     AMXX Dev Team     adminslots.amxx  running 
 [  6] Multi-Lingual Sys  1.71     AMXX Dev Team  running 
 [  7] Menus Front-End    1.71     AMXX Dev Team     menufront.amxx   running 
 [  8] Commands Menu      1.71     AMXX Dev Team     cmdmenu.amxx     running 
 [  9] Players Menu       1.71     AMXX Dev Team     plmenu.amxx      running 
 [ 10] Maps Menu          1.71     AMXX Dev Team     mapsmenu.amxx    running 
 [ 11] Admin Chat         1.71     AMXX Dev Team     adminchat.amxx   running 
 [ 12] Anti Flood         1.71     AMXX Dev Team     antiflood.amxx   running 
 [ 13] Scrolling Message  1.71     AMXX Dev Team     scrollmsg.amxx   running 
 [ 14] Info. Messages     1.71     AMXX Dev Team     imessage.amxx    running 
 [ 15] Admin Votes        1.71     AMXX Dev Team     adminvote.amxx   running 
 [ 16] NextMap            1.71     AMXX Dev Team     nextmap.amxx     running 

amxx modules

Code: Select all

Currently loaded modules:
      name                    version  author               status     
 [ 1] Fun                     1.71     AMX Mod X Dev Team   running   
 [ 2] Engine                  1.71     AMX Mod X Dev Team   running   
 [ 3] FakeMeta                1.71     AMX Mod X Dev Team   running   
 [ 4] MySQL                   1.71     AMX Mod X Dev Team   running   
 [ 5] CStrike                 1.71     AMX Mod X Dev Team   running   
 [ 6] CSX                     1.71     AMX Mod X Dev Team   running   
6 modules, 6 correct

meta list

Code: Select all

Currently loaded plugins:
      description      stat pend  file              vers      src   load  unlod
 [ 1] AMX Mod X        RUN   -    amxmodx_mm_i386.  v1.71     ini   ANY   ANY 
 [ 2] Fun              RUN   -  v1.71     pl1   ANY   ANY 
 [ 3] Engine           RUN   -    engine_amxx_i386  v1.71     pl1   ANY   ANY 
 [ 4] FakeMeta         RUN   -    fakemeta_amxx_i3  v1.71     pl1   ANY   ANY 
 [ 5] MySQL            RUN   -    mysql_amxx_i386.  v1.71     pl1   ANY   ANY 
 [ 6] CStrike          RUN   -    cstrike_amxx_i38  v1.71     pl1   ANY   ANY 
 [ 7] CSX              RUN   -  v1.71     pl1   ANY   ANY 
7 plugins, 7 running

Is the server Windows or Linux.
Description of the problem you are having. Anything less, we cannot help you, and you will just waste our time and yours with a first off useless post.

2. Is server crashing?
Private Installation Services
PM me here for details, accepting Paypal and USD only
AMXX- Plugins-WC3 plugins

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