Preventing Ankh/Orc reincarnation in certain maps

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Preventing Ankh/Orc reincarnation in certain maps

Postby Mikolas » Sun Sep 14, 2008 12:36 pm

I'm no coder, so I was just wondering if I can give it a shot and pretend this is the Suggestions/Request section like in the amx forum. I'm hoping one of you kind gentlemen with the knowledge of computer languages could do this.

Basically, I wish for the same thing as the current war3ft's ability to list the maps in which orc grenades, or flaming gloves of warmth won't work.

Only I think that this should be extended past just these two, to disabling ankh, orc's weapon reincarnation, scroll of respawn, mole, warden's mole, etc.

I'm not asking for all of them, I just think they should be considered to have options for in the future versions.

The only one's I'd appreciate somebody doing now is the ankh/reincarnation, I have some maps that are very popular but are quite problematic because they weren't meant to deal with people who can auto-spawn guns the next round.

Thanks for your time and assistance

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Re: Preventing Ankh/Orc reincarnation in certain maps

Postby whosyourdaddy » Tue Sep 30, 2008 1:28 am

i added a couple skill and items for my map its kinda easy just got to edit 3 files not sure which since it was a while ago but if u still would like it i can find out for u

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