possible glitch fix

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possible glitch fix

Postby whosyourdaddy » Mon Dec 08, 2008 8:38 pm

you have this

Code: Select all

   p_data_b[id][PB_GIVEITEMS]   = true;
   // Reset the user's skin to normal
   SHARED_ChangeSkin( id, SKIN_RESET );

   // The user should no longer be a mole!
   p_data_b[id][PB_MOLE] = false;

   set_task( 0.2, "_SHARED_Spawn_Final", TASK_SPAWNPLAYER + id );
   set_task( 0.4, "_SHARED_CS_GiveWeapons", TASK_GIVEITEMS + id );
   set_task( 1.0, "_SHARED_SpawnRemoveGod", TASK_SPAWNREMOVEGOD + id );

p_data_b[id][PB_GIVEITEMS] = true; is called for shared_cs_giveweapons but ur doing _shared_cs_giveweapons which doesnt need it. if player buys scroll,and dies the same round, the next round he will get his weapons again with or without ankh or orc needed

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Re: possible glitch fix

Postby Geesu » Fri Jan 02, 2009 1:19 am

Add to bug tracker pls
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