Buying items through say command

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Buying items through say command

Postby Lynxxit » Sun Jan 29, 2012 5:58 am

Hi guys, i have this really anoying problem, that i hope someone could help me with.
I'ved been playing on a war3ft server (CZserver) where i could buy items through the say command ingame. like if i was buying the "Necklace" i was only to press "y" to get the say command up and then i would type "necklace" and then i bought it if i had the money for it.

Now ive created my own server and installed war3ft and everything works perfectly but i just CANT buy through the say command.
The fun part with this is that i can type "rings" in the say command and that item works, but it only work with rings.
Any idea why????

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