Switch Humans skill with another race to prevent inv. camper

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Switch Humans skill with another race to prevent inv. camper

Post by GhostRyder » Tue Jan 10, 2006 2:23 am

Sorry about the title, had no room...

Most of you are probably getting tired of this request. Anyways, as per usual human camping is rediculous with its skill Invisibility. Most humans dont follow objectives, instead they find a remote area where they think they are invisible and they wait... and wait.... and get kicked and possibly banned.... JK!

Anyways, I dont like camping invisible humans that dont follow objectives, regardless if its a t not planting bomb, or if its a ct not rescue hostages.

I do not want to add another plugin or anti camp plugin.... because camping is allowed, when you are the one protecting a bombsite, etc. I want to remove the whole invisible skill, cause human camping is hated by all those except those who rather hide behind their knifes and watch their team die.

Now, I already know that I can change thhe constants.inl file to read:
new const p_invisibility[3] = {255,255,255} // Invisibility (skill 1)
And I can also change this:
new const itemcost[9] = {1500,2500,1000,20000,2000,800,2000,1000,4000}
that way the item cloak and human are not invisible... but I would rather replace the humans skill1 to another races skill1 so players that use human cant complain about only having 2 skills while every other race has 3.

Can you possibly let me know if this is possible. In Language I was thinking if you switched:

case SKILL1: format(skill_description,iDescLen-1,"%L",id,"RACE2_SKILL1_INFO")
with another race:

case SKILL1: format(skill_description,iDescLen-1,"%L",id,"RACE1_SKILL1_INFO",floatround(p_vampiric[0]*100),floatround(p_vampiric[1]*100),floatround(p_vampiric[2]*100))
if this would work and they would then use undeads skill1... if there is a way and someone can be bothered to explain how and which files to make changes to that would be great!

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Post by Geesu » Tue Jan 10, 2006 8:26 am

That would only change the description, unfortunately this is not very easy....

But whatever skill you would want to be it... You would have to change the text in war3ft.txt....

And add the Verify_Skill(id, RACE_HUMAN, SKILL1) to the if statement for whichever skill you want
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Post by GUNN3R17 » Wed Jan 11, 2006 3:04 pm

or get a campng plugin that only effects the objective team...ive seen it before but forgot who made it

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Post by bacarra » Wed Jan 11, 2006 3:31 pm

use slaylosers by olo. yes they can camp but if they dont complete objecticves it will slay the losing team. ive been using it on my servers for about a year now and gameplay and teamplay is enjoyable

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