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Recommended Maps

Post by supergreg » Wed Nov 08, 2006 3:17 pm

There are lots of servers running this mod now, and I am sure there are lots of discussion about maps, as usual when updating a servers mapcycle. However, one thing mapmakers and mapsites alike usually don't take into consideration is mods like this one, and the extra possibilities that the mod allows. We have a rule on our server that no mapwalk/ledgewalk or other kinds of bug abuse is allowed, so naturally we try to find maps that doesnt allow these things. I am not sure why this has not been discussed here yet, it seems to be the natural place to have such a list.

Could we please have people contribute to this thread, adding maps and their experiences with them when running wc3ft? - Thanks!

I will start here, with this score scale:
[1-3] Lots of exploitable bugs or in other ways works bad with wc3mod
[4-7] Map plays ok, though it has issues
[8-10] Works well

10 fy_buzzkill (none known)
10 de_cpl_mill (none known)
8 de_dust2002b (UD skywalk possible from one point)
5 de_aztec3 (plays well, several ledges for humans "above" top of map)
3 de_dust4 (plays well, but UD and Human can easily mapwalk everywhere)
2 fy_snow (orcnades spawnkill (no buyzone - 4 nades in map), walkable ledge all round map and on top of center blocks)

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Post by SGulseth » Wed Nov 08, 2006 3:37 pm

4 de_dawn(dust remake) (Plays well, but UD and Human can easily mapwalk everywhere)
5 fy_adrenalin (Plays well, but it is some nades and it can be bit easy to spawn kill)
4 fy_snow (Agree with supergreg, but works fine if you turn off orc-nades on snow)
2 fy_pool_day (Plays horrible, easy to spawn kill, and it is some nades in the pool)

I will come back with more

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