Please guys, start off small...

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Please guys, start off small...

Postby -[AfK]- Faction » Tue Mar 06, 2007 1:46 pm

Lets try just installing HLDS in your desktop pc install

Then after that, throw in a lil metamod...the liblist is very confusing.

From here, maybe a lil amxmodx...metamods plugins.ini FTW

Then try to add yourself as an admin in the users.ini ...insert steam_id and cool flags

From this point install a single plugin, say one that requires the engine module...this will get you started on how to uncomment an .ini which as we all know is very difficult.

Oh if you get that working THEN try to install a MOD and lets be frank guys for saving XP if you are that green use the vault system dont cnofuse yoruself with all that crazy SQL...

IF and ONLY IF you get this far which...OMG...its nuts....try to do just a little bit more at a time. Try to tackle that SQL, link those databases. Edit .sma's and compile them like a champ. Get that psychostats 3.0 up and running by simply following the simple installation instructions....

Did I have a point which wasent to sound like a doo doo head? Yes, actually I did. I know that I dont know it all but at the same time I actually try to figure out my problems. This ability comes from actually READING something about whatever you are tryin to install. Not just being lazy and coming in forums and saying "OMG MY XP NO WORKY" or the oh so favorite "HOW I MAKE ME DA ADMIN". Guys, just read and learn and troubleshoot. Oh and half the time your servers is crashing because you are missing a model file or a sprite. If you have a plugin that calls for one of those and they arent there...server = byebye. hen if you were one of the fun guys who never decided to learn all this before sending $40 to some provider to run a server for you I bet your next move was to send them a trouble ticket with ...oooh "MY SERVER NO WORKY YOUR SERVICE IS MOST BAD I WANT MONEY BACK" who wants to deal with any of that just because you thought you were smart enough to do this yourself. Wake up call, implimentation of a FULL concept with ZERO EXPERIENCE usually results in problems.

Sorry, I was just reading a bunch of old posts and some new ones and was very annoyed to see that the admins on this board and these fine scripters have to answer all these questions when any of these answers are available to non lazy people.

Feel free to "make me feel bad" with responces, but there isnt much to argue with here.

Gosh, I hope that this post can even be made here.....whatever.

PS. If you need help installing plugins or a server or anything really and you are stuck, PM me...I would rather me help you then have these scripters deal with it all. Cheers!
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Postby Krazy » Sat May 05, 2007 12:50 pm

Lol... that is extactly how i feel half the times on most forums dealing with amxmodx, metamod, etc.

People are always going to ask really basic questions like adding admins, so FAQ pages are key.

Need help anything to do with Warcraft 3 Mod, installing other plugins, setting up mySQL, installing PsychoStats, or anything else just PM/email me!

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