Ultimate Warcraft 3 Next Generation v1.4

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Ultimate Warcraft 3 Next Generation v1.4

Post by DarkAngel » Mon Jul 07, 2008 3:01 pm

Ultimate Warcraft 3 Next Generation

Ultimate Warcraft 3 Next Generation (UWC3NG) is a raceless version of the Warcraft3:FT plugin you may be familiar with.
UWC3NG provides players with 50 playable levels and a freeform skills system which allows you to mix and match skills of your choosing.
In addition UWC3NG offers players a choice of 10 ultimate skills and you can train up to 3 different ultimates, as well as other special abilities.
UWC3NG also offers an optional Enhancement system to provide your character with even more customization.

UWC3NG is based on the new WC3:FT r11 plugin. It's also completely new rewritten!

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