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General discussion about Warcraft MODs for CS/CZ/DOD

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Get 10% Discount on Swtor Credits us with Code“MYP10”

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If you run into obstacles, look for solutions. Be flexible, consider your employer needs as well as your own, and you should be able to solve problems that arise. So the city isn't losing any funding. The Prichard Water Board has nothing to do with police and fire protection.
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A compelling story about the history of the "big drum" and the growth of American taiko groups is at the heart of "(re)generation." But the show isn't about long winded monologues; it's fast paced and fluid, kicking off with what Yamami calls a "really hot" song before slipping into a poignant story, told by one of the group's performers, about growing up in a family of taiko players. Since this is, after all, a taiko performance, the rhythmic and resonant instrument is the unequivocal star of the show..
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