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Different for every person on the team. Mostly they were pretty easy to recruit in the sense that they were all ex AAA developers that wanted to do something different, a little more personal and reasonable in terms of a work/life balance. "They gave them to me for free and got a customer for life," Ms. Hostetler says..
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If you have the misfortune to work with someone with bloated self esteem, understand that eventually he or she will be caught out (and there is nothing wrong with a bit ofOr take a lesson from a friend of mine. If she senses people are promising too much, or talking about something they know nothing about, she probes for supporting details.
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I did the research I felt I needed to do to try and get into this head space, and to play the part of this woman that's been through this life changing, horrific ordeal in this time period."And the personal feedback I've had, I've been fortunate enough to receive a small number of letters from women that have been through (similar) experiences. I met a lady very briefly today who was open enough and candid enough to tell me she'd also been through a similar experience.
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