It now appears that the deal is a complete

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It now appears that the deal is a complete

Postby qwesggys » Wed Dec 20, 2017 1:18 am

It now appears that the deal is a complete failure of the Senate. The jets show the performance of the game for the audience a good show this season can fly in martial arts cheats, efficient offensive, excellent blue line control and continue to grab and shoot before, as Cuzulaxi generally destroy each other weak Defense line. Jet is the biggest improvement this season, the goalkeeper, Conner - Helebuck this season, up to 92.3% of the save rate has become a solid guarantee for the success of the team. After defeating the Senators, the jet will see a three-game road trip to the east along the east side of the United States, where they will make a top-line battle with the Tampa Bay Lightning on Friday morning Pontus Aberg Jersey, Beijing time. Whether this young team already has the impact of the playoffs and even the strength of the Stanley Cup, Lightning team will be their touchstone. Former field, a group is still the captain Alex Alexis Bachstrike partner - the two are on the right side of the Titans Tom - Wilson, the second group is Yevgeny - Kuznetsov partner TJ-Ossetia, the two on the left is Jacques cloth - Flana, the three groups is Las - Aila partner Chandler - Stephenson and comeback Brandon - Connelly, The four groups are Jay Beagle, Alex - Xie Song and Dandy - Smith - Perry. Kuznetsov scored 5 goals in the past seven games sent 3 assists, Ovitch gold scored 6 goals, Osho has 1 goals and 7 assists, although Baxtrom has not scored in the past 19 games, However, in the past seven games sent six assists If the star players can stabilize such a performance, the capital for any team should not be underestimated. Backcourt, a group of Matt - Nice Keshennan partner Dimitri - Olof, the two groups are John - Carlson partner Brooks - Opec, the three groups are Chris - Jules and Madi Sen - Baowei combination

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