Black Desert Onlien Patch Notes Arrived 3rd January -BDO Silver at Gold.raiditem

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Black Desert Onlien Patch Notes Arrived 3rd January -BDO Silver at Gold.raiditem

Postby Raiditem4U » Thu Jan 04, 2018 10:24 pm

It has been the moment we've all been gearing up for the past month: Mystic Awakening is now available! Perhaps our new Campsite feature may help you level up your Mystic. Two daysago, the game's official site has published the latest news about new patch. Anf the notification involves Mounts, Class changes, events & systems... Follow to see what news features included.

Besides, you should also pay attention to our pomotion for black desert silver. Set up your Campsite wherever you please and enjoy all its pleasant amenities.

Thank you for helping us grow all of those Cron Trees! You have accomplished in growing Cron Trees to the maximum form in every single channel!

Exchange the collected [Event] Snowflakes from NPCs for various rewards like the Event:
- Delicate Snowflake Ornament Box,
- Resplendent Snowflake Ornament Box,
- hining Snowflake Ornament Box,
- Black Magic Crystal Box, and Fine Accessory Box which you can claim

You can find more details about even everything changed in this game on its official website. Also, buy black desert online silver at gold.raiditem to play the new content. You will enjoy much once you understand the style. 0ag&dg*1

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