Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne - Version 3.0 RC5 for Download

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Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne - Version 3.0 RC5 for Download

Post by Geesu » Sat Jan 20, 2007 12:20 pm

Sorry about all the issues with RC4 - basically RC5 just fixes the issues which caused everything to break, and their was 1 bug fix added regarding human. Enjoy!

Download for Counter-Strike/Condition Zero
Download for Day of Defeat
Download Core Files
v3.0 RC5
- Bug Fix: Getting more health than you should with Devotion Aura
- Bug Fix: Run-time errors from RC4 which made it unplayable
v3.0 RC4 Changes
- Addition: Changerace will now work with CSDM
- Addition: resetskills will now work with CSDM
- Addition: Appropriate messages for resetskills/changerace (instead of next round now says when respawn)
- Addition: /levitation command to enable/disable levitation
- Addition: Changerace menu will appear after other menus are done (i.e. so you can choose CSDM then war3ft)
- Bug Fix: Using wc3_bot_buy_item didn't actually work - bots could never buy items
- Bug Fix: Setting wc3_bot_buy_item to 0 should disable the feature but it wasn't (thanks mexykanu + YamiKaitou)
- Bug Fix: Bug with warden and planting the bomb (thanks damian086pl)
- Bug Fix: (DOD) Buyzone was attempted to be created when a player would mole
- Bug Fix: (DOD) Runtime error in WC3_Death
- Bug Fix: Runtime error - viewtopic.php?t=2281
- Bug Fix: Possible for new player to gain xp assist while spectating (thanks kp_downarrow)
- Bug Fix: Possible to use shopmenu2 with <= 4 races (thanks strawbewwy)
- Bug Fix: Armor was not given back when respawning
- Bug Fix: Kills not saved when you kill someone by an ability
- Bug Fix: Selecting ultimate w/selectskills before the ultimatedelay is up will display the icon but you can't use ult
- Bug Fix: Was possible to have ult when < level 6 if your xp dropped below level 6 after having the ult
- Bug Fix: runtime error - invalid player - with SHARED_SetUserMoney
- Bug Fix: Chameleon random skills not working...
- Bug Fix: (DOD) Stamina bar going crazy w/unholy aura
- Bug Fix: Mole given every round if the user didn't die (thanks DesasterUK for testing this)
- Bug Fix: Possible to remain a Phoenix (to respawn a teammate) after you lost the ability
- Bug Fix: Orc's reincarnation would break w/CSDM
- Bug Fix: Possibility of respawning abilities conflicting w/CSDM
- Bug Fix: Shadow Hunter's healing ward was healing too often (function was running twice)
- Change: Boots now stack with unholy aura
- Change: XP given by kill assist is now lowered
- Change: Additional $$ is given per kill if csdm is active
- Change: Shadow Strike is no longer limited to 3 per round (but the % chance of it occuring is less)
- Change: Carrion Beetles are no longer limited to 3 per round (but the % chance of it occuring is less)
- Change: Number of necklace charges given increased to 4

- to do - show detailed skill information in /skillsinfo
- to do - write WC3_InitPlayerItems
- to do - chameleon randomize per player basis
- bug - if u lose levitation it won't actually go down ( - do i really care?)
- bugs: /level shown in ShowMsg or whatev for dod
- to do - DOD - if user just joined - they shouldn't be able to buy ankh
- test: dod's reincarnation changes... - give item back if fails?
- to do - in SM_SetSkill we need to call WC3_InitPlayerSkills
- serpent wards display thing overlaps (when you place one)
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