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Only place to go :(

Postby mentalishen » Mon Dec 04, 2006 12:37 pm

okey i have asked in the superhero mod forum and the reject me.. :(
but then i thougth that wc3mod was closer

now what im talking about is i whant to create an new mod its called


i goes like this u choose a hero there will be around 4-8 good guys and 4-8 bad guys now what i mean is i choose Cloud a god guy. almost al heroes use swords in this mod or instead of sword a "Wand". but with some exeptions id like to make this myself but i cant read pawn so good.
u will also be able to level up
Ill take an example now
Hero Cloud
Weapon:buster sword

level 1
does little more dmg cooldown:75 seconds
level 5
Cross slash
little more dmg stun:2 seconds cooldown: 100sec
level 10
blade beam
Shots 10 blue lazers cooldown:120sec
level 15
Tremondous dmg cooldown:150sec

u get speed burst and more dmg for 11 sec

When u level u can choose to get 25 more hp,ap or speed
u have 1 special that u always have.. and u learn new skills like braver.. when u level to lvl 5 your braver exchanges with crosslash.
i was going to add some models but it doesnt seem to be anyone who whants to mak'em

heroes whont be able to buy or pick upp weapons. but 2 heroes start with a gun but do where little dmg with it
barrets gattling gun arm(para)/unlimited ammo/third of real dmg

Yazoo Bladegun (usp) /unlimited ammo/third of real dmg

So if u are intressted in doing this with me plz answer or pm :D
i would love if this mod would work!! :D

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Postby YamiKaitou » Mon Dec 04, 2006 3:27 pm

Have you tried the AmxX site??? Also, YOU POSTED IN THE WRONG SECTION.

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