How to ask for and get help in the Warcraft 3 FT forum

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How to ask for and get help in the Warcraft 3 FT forum

Post by Lazarus Long » Wed Jul 06, 2005 11:49 am

Hello, everybody:

I - Introduction:

As you all know this is a support forum for the Warcraft 3 FT MOD for Counter-Strike, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero and Day of Defeat.

These are some guidelines on how to get the best and fastest feedback and help in the forum.

II - Pre-posting Steps:
  1. Prior to post a question you should read the Documentation;
    1. If you are a first time installer or you are running a stock game server you should read and follow the Complete Installation Manual;
      (while it primarily focuses on remote installs, you can adapt it easily for a local install by ignoring the downloading/uploading of edited files)
    2. If you already have a modded server and you want to add this MOD to it you should read and follow the Files needed for a Warcraft 3 FT Only Installation section of Links to all the files you need to install Warcraft 3 FT MOD;
    3. If you are upgrading your server you should read the Files needed to update your server section of Links to all the files you need to install Warcraft 3 FT MOD;
    4. If you are trying to make the MOD work with the MySQL database system you should read and follow the MySQL for Warcraft 3 FT simple Mini-HOWTO;
    5. If you are trying to make the MOD work with the SQLite database system you should read and follow the SQLite for Warcraft 3 FT simple Mini-HOWTO;
  2. You should read the Frequently Asked Questions, chances are that you will find there the reply for most of your questions;
  3. You should be familiar with the Stickies and Announcements here at the forum, they carry pointers and information that might put you in the right direction to a solution for your problem;
  4. You should be aware of, and use, the Search function (second link bellow the site title and right to the top banner), chances are that your question has already been asked and replied;
III - Posting Steps:
  1. Before you post you should identify what is your problem and clearly resume it in your post subject;
    1. Do not use ALL CAPS IN YOUR SUBJECT since it's a Moderators policy to delete such posts without warning;
    2. Do not post in an unrelated thread, if your question isn't directly related to an existing thread start a new one;
    3. Avoid at all cost to post in the Stickies or Announcements, only do so if your post brings new information to them, if you have a question related to one of them start a new thread;
      (an exception to this is when the Sticky or Announcement tells you to do so)
    4. Avoid as much as possible using abbreviations (unless commonly accepted ones like "war3ft", "CS", "DOD" and the likes);
    5. Avoid using 1337 or ScRiPt kIddIeZ typing, it's confusing for most non-English countries natives and might put the reader in the wrong state of mind to reply;
    6. Avoid using multiple punctuation marks like '???' or '!?!', it's pointless and it can mess up the results when others use the Search function;
  2. In your post body once again clearly state what is your problem;
    (avoid bodies like "the subject says it all" or "it's just like the subject says")
  3. Identify your hardware/software and post it along with your problem report;
    (for clarity, enclose your hardware/software specs between the BBCode tags "[CODE]" and "[/CODE]")
    1. For Microsoft Windows post your processor type and speed, the amount of physical memory installed, your OS version and service pack level;
      (you can get all of this by going to your Control Panel and selecting your System)
    2. For GNU/Linux post your distribution name and version along with the result of the following commands:

      Code: Select all

      cat /proc/cpuinfo
      uname -a
    3. For your game server specs post the type of server (dedicated or listen) along with the result of running the following commands in your game console:
      (if "cdversion" doesn't return anything or returns an error simply ignore it, it means you don't have Cheating-Death installed)

      Code: Select all

      meta version
      meta list
      amxx version
      amxx modules
      amxx plugins
  4. If your problem is while starting your game server post the full output of the startup sequence;
    (once again, make use of the BBCode tags "[CODE]" and "[/CODE]")
  5. When replying to a help message clearly identify which steps you made and what were their results in order for whoever is trying to help know what to suggest next;
    (for clarity, make use of the BBCode tags "[QUOTE]" and "[/QUOTE]")
  6. Do not reply 5 minutes after your first post with something like "still waiting..." or "I know that someone knows how to fix this, please help", you'll most likely put others in the wrong mood to reply to you;
    (don't forget that we are all volunteers, have patience and you will get your reply)
IV - Post-posting Steps:
  1. After having your problem solved, make a final post stating which suggested steps were the solution, it's common courtesy to who helped you and will help further users with the same problem;
  2. Stick around and try to help out others, it's the best way you have to give back to the community;
I hope I didn't make any big mistake or miss something important, if so, feel free to correct me, and I'll try to update this post. Thanks for reading this far.

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