A few simple problems here

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Re: A few simple problems here

Postby DarkAngel » Mon Aug 03, 2009 12:22 pm

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skillsinfo does not work

skillsino works fine. You only have to write skillsinfo1, skillsinfo2... with the correct page.

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the amulet is glitchy

Never noticed that. On which skills / ultimates you noticed that?

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while selecting skills you buy stuff/spam radio commands [so fucking annoying] Example: New round; the skillmenu pops up; i click 3 to select the bash skill and it ALSO buys a flash grenade

Other player's noticed that bug too. Currently I have no idea why this occurs. Maybe you have running another plugins?

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there isn't any say commands yet for "ankh" or "necklace" or etc..

Is on my todo list. :)

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we need /levitation

What should this do?

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the crit on nades are a bit fierce..

Yes. Like the old crit nades from the old wc3ft. I love they :D

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that text on the bottom left is ugly and glitches the server spam/@say..

You mean the hud display? Or the chat?

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perpriat doesnt always work...

wtf perpriat?

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full agility stacking with devotion[speed] is toooooo intense

You can decrease this in the constants.inl on line 618.
But in a few weeks I will upload a new version where you can set up this via CVAR.

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the items text on the bottom right glitches out with anything the server puts up as advertising and ALL admins @ saying.. can you just make it regular text like wc3 by geesu?

Yes. The currently way is bad. In the next version this will be fixed.
Developer of the UWC3 Next Generation mod.

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