Warcraft3 2.22 Download (AMX Version, Not Supported)

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Warcraft3 2.22 Download (AMX Version, Not Supported)

Post by ferret » Wed Jul 06, 2005 11:15 am

Here you will find all current and previously released versions of the 2.22 series of the warcraft3 plugin for counterstrike.


I'm not going tp post the whole changelog, these are just the main features since Spacedudes 2.20:
  • All modifications based on the 2.20 source, not 2.21.
    MySQL Support from Mr. B
    many bugfixes
    as of 2.22.8 the release supports counterstrike 1.6 (a.k.a. steam)
    as of 2.22.9 all main configuration is done by changing pre compilation directives in the .sma and recompiling the code. The default .amx in the download is forr non-mysql shortterm servers
    as of 2.22.10 pre compilation directives are in an own file (warcraft3.cfg) this makes updating easier
    calculation of invisibility changed a bit
    weapon reincarnation fixed to not crash server
    put in the war3menu from trimoon
    Necklace works against Ork Grenades
    more XP for mission objectives
    no XP given if less than 4 players on server (number can be changed)
    new optional human ultimate: blink. Teleport to where you are looking at if no enemy with necklace is in the vacinity
    new race: blood elf
    sound/icon when ultimate is ready
    shopmenu can be restricted to buyzone
    webstats and ingame stats for players
    icon above head of teammates showing their race
    vault saving implemented (fast)
    pruning of old entries for vault
    changeable starting level for new players
    stable and fast
nightly CVS build <- this version is the most current that you can get. It's updated daily. But beware, even though we try our best, it may not always be stable. If you want a feature that we coded but hasn't made it into a "stable" version yet, then try this one. This is also the version for any beta-testers out there, but beware, you should know how to compile the .sma if you want to test strange combinations.
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