some bugs

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some bugs

Post by Ilko » Mon Aug 17, 2009 11:15 pm


I have noticed 3 minor things

- when you die and respawn by vengeance, the levitation/healing wave/leather skin have no more effect until the next round.
- sometimes you get useless weapon reincarnation whereas you didn't die.
- at the begining of any round, to get the real speed by the agility attrib, you must do a weapon switch.

- the following is the most annoying thing. I don't know if it is really a bug, but in any version of uwc3/uwc3ng it is impossible to play in a local game by creating a new game. I mean, the plug runs, but you start directly at the max level without XP. Reseting or deleting XP commands have no effects. the funniest is, if I run a local dedicaced server, this doesn't happens.

ps : my english may be a little bad...

amxx 1.8.1
metamod-p 1.19
win XP

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