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WAR3X v1.0 Changelog

Post by Ryan » Tue Mar 21, 2006 2:08 am

This changelog covers all of the changes made to the plugin since the last Official version of Warcraft 3: Expansion: v0.9.99 RC7 Beta 1.

  • Warcraft 3: Expansion v1.0
    Major Changes
  • New Skill - Frost Nova (Undead)
    When the player dies, all nearby enemies are blasted for 5/10/15 damage and slowed for up to 5 seconds.

    (Replaces Anti-Magic Shell)
  • New Skill - Berserk (Orc)
    As the player loses health, their speed with knives and grenades increases dramatically. When health drops below 60%, damage will increase by up to 40/80/120%. The lower the player's health is, the more bonus damage they will deal.

    (Replaces Bloodlust)
  • New Skill - Pillage (Orc)
    Player has a 30/60/90% chance to steal ammo, grenades, or money from the target with each successful attack.

    (Replaces Reincarnation)
  • New Skill - Elune's Grace (Night Elf)
    All knife damage dealt to the player is reduced by 10-35%, and all ultimate damage is reduced by 5-25%. This is a racial ability.

    (Replaces Moon Glaive)

  • New Cvar - war3x_startlevel_first
    This cvar allows the server admin(s) to preset a level that all players that join the server for the first time can start their first character at. This allows a new player to immediately jump into the action.
  • New Cvar - war3x_startlevel_other
    This cvar allows the server admin(s) to preset a level that all other races a player has will start at when they are created.

  • New Feature - Upkeep
    This feature will award all dead players money every 10 seconds while they are waiting for the round to end. The more teammates that are dead, the more money the player will accumulate. All players are also awarded bonus money at the start of every new round based on upkeep level. Upkeep level is determined by a few factors, including Total players on each team, Kill:Death ratio of all teammates, Average level of all teammates, and team wins. The higher your teams level of upkeep, the less the money received while dead and starting a new round. Ideally, this will allow weaker teams to stay in balance with stronger teams by awarding money to buy more powerful weapons, items, and even experience.
  • New Feature - SQLite Saving
    There is now SQLite saving compatibility for the mod. (By Geesu: Revision 3)

  • Major Change - AMX Support Removed
    War3x is no longer compatible with AMX. AMXX has advanced far beyond anything AMX has delivered, and unfortunately AMXX-only features and optimizations will become common in future versions of the mod. (By Geesu: Revision 3)

    Other Changes

  • Unholy Aura has had it's gravity decreased slightly to allow undead players to jump higher.
  • Vampiric Aura is now 50% more effective when using a knife.
  • Death Coil now deals 60 damage to players (from 50).
  • Sleep now affects target for a random duration, up to 12 seconds maximum.

  • War Training is now called Fortitude.
  • Invisibility now takes much longer to reveal the player.
  • Bash chance has been changed to affect targets 10/20/30% of the time (from 15/25/35% chance).
  • Bash is now 50% more effective when using a knife.
  • Bash bonus damage has been increased to 3/6/9 (from 2/4/6).
  • Bash immobilize is now a random duration between 0.5-2.5 seconds.
  • Holy Light damage against undead players has been increased to 60 ( from 50).
  • Avatar has had it's speed increased slightly and duration increased to 12 seconds (from 10).

  • Pulverize no longer works with fired weapon attacks, only grenades, and the damage bonus has been increased to 100/200/300% of normal damage taken.
  • Chain Lightning has had it's primary target damage increased to 65 (from 50). This affects all jumps in the chain as well.
  • Chain Lightning has had it's range decreased to 12 meters (from 15).
  • Healing Wave has had it's primary target heal amount increased to 60 (from 50). This affects all jumps in the chain as well.
  • Healing Wave will now allow the player to self-heal.
  • Healing Wave has had it's range decreased to 12 meters (from 20).

    Night Elf
  • Nature's Blessing is now a trainable skill.
  • Evasion no longer works with knife or grenade attacks.
  • Evasion now has a 5 second 'cooldown'. This means the player can not avoid 2 shots within 5 seconds of each other.
  • Trueshot Aura no longer works with *any* sniper rifles.
  • Entangling Roots has had it's duration increased to 8 seconds (from 5). The player will take additional damage during this period.
  • Rejuvenation has had it's heal amount changed to 75 health over time (from 60).
  • Rejuvenation will now take 16 seconds to fully heal the target (from 8).
  • Shadow Strike initial damage has increased to 35 (from 25). The skill now does 55 damage total.
  • Shadow Strike has had it's target's speed reduced slightly.

    Item Changes
  • Amulet of Spell Shield has been renamed Amulet of Shielding.
  • Amulet of Shielding now only blocks a single ultimate that the player has been targeted by, and is then destroyed.
  • Amulet of Shielding has had it's price reduced to 800 (from 1200).

    Other Changes
  • Self-healing ultimates will now only heal 60% of total healing amount of the spell if the caster is the primary target. This does not affect Chain Healing if the player did not target himself first.
  • There are now 2 status hudmessages, one for harmful effects, and the other for neutral and beneficial effects.
  • Total number of temporary effects has been reduced slightly. This is necessary to accomodate future changes to the plugin.

    Bug Fixes
  • (Major) Fixed bug that allowed the player to select a race before they had chosen a team skin, leaving them stuck in spectator mode.
  • (Major) Fixed bug with 'Race not yet selected' MOTD box popping up when pressing the ultimate button in spectator mode.
  • (Major) Fixed crashing due to removing random entities (this would cause a crash quite often, about every hour) (thanks freecode) (By Geesu: Revision 3)
  • (Major) Fixed bug where players were unable to gain XP (By Geesu: Revision 2)
  • (Minor) Fixed bug with healing icons appearing over a Night Elf teammate's head if that player was set to evade the next shot.
  • (Minor) Fixed bug with healing icons appearing over teammates if the player had a healing ultimate and was dead or in spectator mode.
  • (Minor) Fixed bug with runtime error in on_damage due to iAttacker > MAXPLAYERS (By Geesu: Revision 3)
  • (Minor) Fixed bug with XP being awarded from a bomb explosion when the number of players didn't meet war3x_xp_minplayers (thanks yang) (By Geesu: Revision 3)
  • (Minor) Fixed runtime error on line 422 in UTIL_Vexd (not checking if entity was valid before getting information about it) (By Geesu: Revision 3)
  • (Minor) Updated dbi code to display errors correctly with AMXX (By Geesu: Revision 1)
Look for a release early tomorrow morning!
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Post by TooL » Tue Mar 21, 2006 8:17 am

Very nice list! and Thanks for getting SQLite in so fast!

Looking forward to the release! :mrgreen:
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