WAR3X RC7 Nightly Build 4 (NB4) (Released on 12-09-2004)

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WAR3X RC7 Nightly Build 4 (NB4) (Released on 12-09-2004)

Post by Geesu » Tue Jul 05, 2005 7:03 pm

This thread is for War3x RC7 Nightly Build 4.

*NOTE* This nightly build requires a working version of RC7 Beta 1 to run. Please make no attempts to run this unless you have gotten RC7 Beta 1 running on your server. There will be no installation support for nightly builds. */NOTE*

*NOTE* If you choose to compile this plugin, do not post compilation errors in this reply thread, but instead private message me or make another thread on the forums */NOTE*

changelog.txt wrote:o Fixed bug with Avatared players being hit by chain lightning.
o Fixed bug with Avatared players being hit by wind walk.
o Fixed bug with Avatared players being hit by flame strike.
o Healing wave no longer hits players that are under the effects of Avatar.
o Windwalk invisibility has been reduced slightly (more visible).
o Human Invisibility duration lowered slightly to 25 seconds (from 30).
o VIP now has permanent Spell immunity, and is untargetable by ultimates and unaffected by skill damage.
o VIP no longer has access to items.
o Undead now receive a minor levitation effect with Unholy aura.
o Fixed bug with flamestrike effects disappearing too early.
o Pulverize grenade trail is now slightly less visible.
o Fixed many skill and item descriptions in help files/MOTDs.
o Fixed MANY runtime errors!
o Invalid Database Handle -1 error with AMXX should be resolved.
o Renamed cvar war3x_xpmultiplier to war3x_xp_normal
o Renamed cvar war3x_objectivexpmultiplier to war3x_xp_objective
o Renamed cvar war3x_objectivexpminplayers to war3x_xp_minplayers, and now uses this value to determine whether tomes are available to players.
Installation Instructions:
  1. Extract the proper .amx/.amxx file to your /plugins folder.
  2. Rename the file to war3x.amx or war3x.amxx.
  3. Extract the new war3x.cfg file found in /war3x to your server's war3x folder so that the updated cvars take effect.
  4. If you wish to compile the source, extract the files from the /source folder in the archive to your compiler direcotory, edit setup.cfg in the /war3x folder, and compile as normal.
*NOTE* Make sure if running with AMXMODX that debug mode is enabled. */NOTE*


Once this (and other) build(s) are deemed 'stable', and enough features are present, I will make an official public release on these boards!!!!

Thank you all for your participation!
War3x RC7 NB 4 for AMX/AMXX
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