SQLite pack for Warcraft 3 XP (START HERE)

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SQLite pack for Warcraft 3 XP (START HERE)

Post by Lazarus Long » Sun Aug 28, 2005 2:24 pm

ATTENTION: only apply this pack to versions 1.50 or 1.55 of AMX Mod X, newer versions will obsolete it.

This is a temporary pack for who might be interested in trying out the new SQLite support for AMX Mod X versions 1.5x and Warcraft 3 XP.
  • What is SQLite?
    SQLite is a SQL database in a file. That is, it's a full featured relational database that stores directly to a file, without the overhead of protocol communication and process latency. This turns it in the fastest relational database available.
  • How secure is SQLite?
    SQLite doesn't have users, passwords, logins and the like, this is one of the reasons that makes it so fast, at the same time it relies on the underlying filesystem for its security so it is at least as secure as the vault.ini file and as much secure as you configure your system.
  • How safe is SQLite?
    It is a database so it's very safe from the point of making the data get to the hard drive, but it's storage is a file so if the underlying filesystem gets messed up it can affect the database, neverless it has crash recovery and consistency checks built in and Warcraft 3 XP implementation makes use of them at every server start, so even if it finds corruption it will simply eliminate the corrupted records and not the entire database.
  • Who should benefit with SQLite?
    Everybody that is saving to the vault.ini and loading admins from the users.ini, everybody that installed a MySQL server in the local machine just to save XP or store admins, everybody running multiple servers from the same machine wishing to share XP and admins between them.
  • Who won't benefit with SQLite?
    Everybody that is saving XP and/or reading admins from multiple machines to a central MySQL server (that is what a server/client database model is for, SQLite will never be for you guys).
  • Will SQLite turn the vault.ini obsolete?
    I sure hope so! Anyway a wider usage of the modules is needed before saying this for sure.
  • What is this pack for?
    Several of the needed functionalities of the SQLite modules were developed after the release of AMX Mod X 1.50/1.55 and the plugins that came out with AMX Mod X 1.50/1.55 weren't yet compatible with SQLite, the changes needed to both are already in the source-code and will be part of the next release, but since we need them now this pack is a peek in the future.
  • How do I get started?
    First you must have AMX Mod X 1.50/1.55 already installed, this is mandatory otherwise installing AMX Mod X after this pack will overwrite it. Next extract the AMX Mod X v1.5x SQLite pack in your server top dir, that is, extract it in the dir where you see a addons dir (do not extract it in the addons dir, but do it in the dir that contains the addons dir). To be successful in installing this pack your extraction software must ask you if you want to overwrite existing files on your system, failing to ask you this most likely implies that you extracted the archives to the wrong place, double check. Next grab one of the SQL enabled packages from the Official Release (or tailor and build one yourself) and extract it as you normally do for an upgrade. Finally proceed to read the SQLite for Warcraft 3 XP simple Mini-HOWTO.
  • Will this work with AMX Mod X earlier versions?
  • Where do I get more information?
OK, now download the pack and go have fun!
AMX Mod X v1.5x SQLite pack (SQLite aware module + admin SQL plugin)
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