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Thinking about a remake, are you interested? Thu Feb 21 03:29am
EDIT: Due to the amazing response I have seen in the last 6 hours, visit [url][/url] for more info about this idea

Alright, not sure how much traffic this site still gets, but I thought I would post here anyways. I have long considered remaking/advancing WC3FT from scratch, even tried to get it started back in 2010 (aka WC3NG), but other things got in the way and I never got anywhere. So, I want to engage the public and see if there is even interest in this. If I get enough votes, I will start planning stuff and get a site up and running where I can list planned features and even how to apply to a group where you can give me ideas, respond to ideas I have, and even participate in a Closed Alpha/Beta.

You can vote in the poll by going to [url][/url]

If you are really interested in this idea, please encourage others to vote. The more votes I get, the more I will be convinced that the remake is needed and the more motivation I will have. Even if you are running your own modified version of wc3ft, I encourage you to vote as this new version will be much easier to customize and add features to than wc3ft.
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Developer Builds Available Fri May 28 11:22pm
I have decided to open up the ability for the public to submit fixes and get pre-packaged SVN releases.

To submit a fix, simply attach or post a link to a patch in a Bug Report. Fixes will only be accepted if they are diffs/patches, code blocks or hand-written instructions will not be accepted.

To view the builds, simply visit

Builds are generated automatically at 01, 07, 13, 19 hours server time (UTC/GMT). If a build is missing, then it either failed, hasn't been built yet, or wasn't the latest at the time of the build.

I will be implementing a new version reference in the plugin later tonight/weekend. This way the version number increases with each auto-build. Essentially, the version reported in amx_plugins will become "3.0.0-dev" and a new command will be added that lets you figure out which build you are using. The command will only be accurate if you are using one of the auto-build versions, SVN downloads will display "SVN" as the build version. More information will come later after I implement it.

Any questions or issues, feel free to post them.
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Ultimate Warcraft 3 Next Generation v2.35.6 Mon Jun 15 07:59pm
Ultimate Warcraft 3 Next Generation v2.35.6 is now available.

You can get UWC3NG 2.35.6 at the attachments.



- Fixed Vampiric Aura bug

- Fixed Longterm XP bug

- Added a CVAR to set items showen as a hudmessage or as a status text
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Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne - Version 3.0 RC13 for Download Mon Feb 2 05:12am
[quote]v3.0 RC13

- Bug Fix: [FS#83] Changed on_ResetHud to Ham_Spawn

- Bug Fix: [FS#132] Chameleon deletes skill selections

- Bug Fix: [FS#136] bots fix for cz

- Bug Fix: [FS#133] show player item fix

- Bug Fix: [FS#134] Cheating on item prices

- Bug Fix: [FS#92] solution against detecting moles (angle of view)

- Bug Fix: [FS#131] shadow hunter coconut fix

- Bug Fix: [FS#123] No serpent wards after respawning.

- Change: Remade ADMIN_Log format to more AMXX like

- Addition: ScreenFade for both attacker and victim of Serpand Wards [/quote]

This requires AMXX 1.80 to be installed!! Simply extract this folder in your cstrike, czero, or dod folder, then add it to your plugins.ini!

[url=]Download Core Files[/url]

.: by YamiKaitou comments is now active again Thu Jun 26 07:48pm is now being managed by K2mia and all links have been removed linked to - so I'm sending you back over to the creator:
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How to get WC3FT to work on CS1.5 or Non-Steam Wed Dec 12 07:51pm
[b][size=200]FOOLED YOU!!!!!!!![/size][/b]

While others might of gotten it to work, AMXx and WC3FT BOTH require Steam to run properly. I don't care if nobody in your country plays on Steam, Non-Steam servers are illegal and will not be supported here.

All questions regarding Non-Steam servers will be locked. I don't care if it was a simple cvar question, I will lock it
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War3FT Moves to SVN - CVS no longer used Wed Jun 27 07:56pm
FYI - CVS is no longer used, SVN URL can be accessed here:
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WAR3X v1.0.3 (DOWNLOAD HERE) - Source Included Wed Aug 2 06:21pm
This is the latest release for AMX X 1.75.

* Server crashes fixed

* Compiled for amxx 1.75
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UWC3 Subversion Repository - Outdated Mon Jul 17 06:45pm
[color=red]This is extremely outdated. Use at your own risk. [/color]

You may access the source code using a subversion client or via your web browser. Click on the link to browse the code or [b]download[/b] the source code package.[list]
  • [*]Development Version [ [url=]Download[/url] ]: [b]svn checkout[/b] [url=][/url]

  • [*][not so] Stable Version [ [url=]Download[/url] ]: [b]svn checkout[/b] [url=][/url]
  • [/list]
    View comments for links to other branches, including teame06 and dumb.
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    Overview of Upkeep Wed Mar 8 09:09pm
    Hey there!

    I know a lot of you are confused about the new Upkeep feature that is soon going to be added, so I am writing this overview in hopes that it becomes clear to everyone. This time I am posting in the general section, so anyone can feel free to reply!



    Upkeep, at it's most basic level, will correct unbalanced gameplay by awarding the team that is [i]outmatched[/i] with money that can be used to buy better weapons, items, and even xp.

    While both teams will receive money at all times, any time a given team is dominating due to a high win stream, or level difference, they will receive less.


    At the start of each round, a timer will set at an interval of 10 seconds. Each 10 seconds, the number of dead players will be checked on each team, and money will be awarded to them. The amount of money awarded is determined by a) what level of upkeep the team currently has, and b) how many players are dead. Take a look at the information below.

    No Upkeep: $50 every 10 seconds.

    Low Upkeep: $20 every 10 seconds.

    High Upkeep: $10 every 10 seconds.

    Let's pretend that 3 players have died on your team, and the upkeep interval has arrived. If your team has no upkeep, then each player will generate $50 for every other player that is dead, totalling $150 each player! This happens every 10 seconds and will increase with each player that dies.

    Since this money is only awarded to dead players, the first player that dies will receive more money than anyone else on their team. This contributes to fairness since a low level player is more likely to die to a higher level player.

    In addition, there will be bonus money that is awarded at the start of each round to ALL teammates. This only happens if your team is at No or Low Upkeep.

    No Upkeep: Bonus $1000 awarded

    Low Upkeep: Bonus $500 awarded

    This will give the last player that dies an opportunity to collect [i]some[/i] money.

    Factors of Upkeep Level:[list]
  • [*]If your team is on a win stream, chances are you will be raised to low upkeep. The higher your team streak becomes, the higher chance you have of entering into Low or High upkeep scenarios.

  • [*]If the kill ratio on your team exceeds your enemies dramatically, then chances are you will enter either a low or high upkeep state.

  • [*]If the average level of your team is considerably higher than that of the opposing team, then chances are you will be entered into a low or high upkeep state.

  • [*]If there is no autobalancing, and the actual number of players on your team exceeds that of the opposing team, more than likely your team will enter a low or high upkeep state.
  • [/list]

    I hope this clears things up about the new Upkeep system. Overall it is a good system, and everyone will benefit from it in some way.

    Since all of this will happen in the background, having the effect of just increased money, the learning curve should not be increased after making this addition.

    All you need to know is that No upkeep = good, Low upkeep = OK, and High upkeep = meh, we are wtfpwning this team and deserve nothing!

    It should also serve as a guide to switch teams up if necessary.

    Please post your comments/suggestions below!
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    Warcraft3 2.6.3 Download (AMXX Version, Official Release) Fri Sep 16 04:26am
    Here you will find the current release of [i]Warcraft 3 XP[/i]. The current version is [size=150][color=darkred][b]2.6.3[/b][/color][/size].

    This version is based on the same code base as the 2.22 series, the only difference is that it is coded specially for [i]AMX Mod X[/i]. The older 2.22 series will work with [i]AMX Mod[/i], but the 2.6.x and future versions only work with [i]AMX Mod X[/i].

    It needs and uses the [b]Engine[/b], [b]Fun[/b], and [b]Cstrike[/b] modules. If you want to run a long term server with SQL, you will also need [b]MySQL[/b] or [b]SQLite[/b] (see [url=]which SQL backend to choose[/url]). The plugin uses [b]Vault[/b] by default for long term.


    I'm not going to post the whole [url=]changelog[/url], these are just the main 2.6.x features since 2.22 and 2.5:

    [b]Features (New 2.6.x Changelog)[/b]:

  • [*]Fixed, for good, the "Bad file Server is enforcing file consistency for..." error message that was booting everybody from the server.
  • [/list]
  • [*]Renamed several variables to remove 'local variable shadows a variable at a preceding level' warnings.

  • [*]Updated SQL queries to only pull needed data, not the full records.

  • [*]Added [b]mp_changeracepastfreezetime[/b] cvar to allow race changes while alive.

  • [*]Increased the length of the team name variables in death logging.

  • [*]Replaced the check_say() function with either direct calls to the corresponding function with register_clcmd(), or with say_*() functions.

  • [*]Changed the Troll ultimate to allow healing of self.

  • [*]Changed the SQL "CREATE TABLE" statements to minimize differences between MySQL and SQLite.

  • [*]Changed the SQL error handling system with a global new Result:res and a remake of dbi_check_error().

  • [*]Added missing famas and galil to damage_event() weaponname variable.

  • [*]Removed forcing setting mp_consistency, it was booting everybody from the server under AMX Mod X 1.5x.
  • [/list]
  • [*]Removed inconsistent_file() function to allow compiling for AMX Mod X 1.5x.

  • [*]Added support for SQLite database XP storage.

  • [*]Updated/checked SQL statements.

  • [*]Minor compiler warnings resolved.
  • [/list]
  • [*]AMX is NOT supported. You must use AMXX 1.0 or newer.

  • [*]CS 1.5 and WON are NOT supported. You must use STEAM/CS 1.6

  • [*]The old flat file save method is removed. The plugin now uses VAULT by default, MySQL is optional in the CFG. The plugin will still convert war3users.ini files into VAULT.

  • [*]Blood Elf is no longer part of the plugin in "Original Mode"

  • [*]To get Blood Elf and 3 new races, enable "EXPANDED_RACES" in the CFG file. The 3 new races are Troll, Dwarf, and Lich.

  • [*]Many old config options have been removed. We have trimmed some features that had little to do with WC3 out of the code. You can find similar plugins at

  • [*]Weapons do not drop in front of players who had reincarnated anymore

  • [*]VAULT is far more reliable with tracking when to delete a player's data

  • [*]Added a config option ORCNADELESS. This is on by default and works like version 2.5. The plugin causes orc nades to do less damage than normal if you do not have the option ORCNECKLACE enabled. Turning off ORCNADELESS will return orc grenades to max damage.

  • [*]VAULT will work with SAVE_WITH_IP now

  • [*]You can say "shopmenu" now rather than having to bind it

  • [*]Admins can now give or take XP with wc3_givexp

  • [*]Freeze round and many other speed-related bugs have been fixed

  • [*]Many many many many runtime errors fixed
  • [/list]


    Attached are several pre-built packages, they are all [b]full[/b] packages, and are here for your convenience, you can always download [u]any[/u] of these, edit the "[b]cstrike/addons/amxmodx/scripting/warcraft3.cfg[/b]" file to your needs, recompile the plugin, and end up with a personally tailored version.

    [b]WARNING: These pre-built packages are for [i]AMX Mod X[/i] versions 1.50+, they will [u]not[/u] work on previous versions[/b]
    .: by Lazarus Long comments

    Stepping out Tue Sep 6 11:54am
    Due to time constants in real life, I'm handing off developement of WC3 XP. I did a lot of work on it and gave it some new life, but I just don't have time anymore. Geesu and Lazarus Long will be maintaining the code and keeping it up-to-date with AMXX, but active developement is probably at an end unless someone steps forward. Future developement will probably focus on the new WC3NG and move towards making something more reusable and customizable.
    .: by ferret comments