Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne 3.0 Alpha - See it in action!!!

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Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne 3.0 Alpha - See it in action!!!

Postby Geesu » Wed Jun 07, 2006 9:16 am

Figured I'd give everyone a little preview (no sorry it's not for download, although the source code is in the CVS).

One of the nicest things is Blood Mage's new ultimate !!! (I do not believe the description is updated in skillsinfo, but i'll give you a hint: use it + aim :) )

Here is the detailed changelog thus far:

- Addition: Start/Stop command: amx_wc3 <on|off>
- Addition: If a needed module isn't loaded, the plugin will modify the modules.ini + reload the map
- Addition: NVault now used instead of vault (will improve lag when there are NUMEROUS users and saving XP is on)
- Addition: Check for serpent wards to prevent them from being planted on the bomb or on hostages
- Addition: amx_setlevel has been added
- Bug Fix: cl_minmodels task was not repeating
- Change: Unstable Concoction now originates from the attacker and damages nearby teammates
- Change: Using Vengeance will ALWAYS set your health to 50
- Change: Cloak stacks with invisibility
- Change: Config file location moved
- Change: When weapon reincarnation's weapons are saved - fixed weapons not reincarnating when you're killed by the bomb
- Change: When a user spawns their money is not longer set to mp_startmoney (for CS/CZ)
- Change: All DB functions re-written (Now uses MySQL X, NVault, SQLite)
- Change: Blood Mage has a new ultimate! - thanks Avanderik
- Change: Avanderik added to developer check
- Change: Traceline is used when searching for a target for certain ultimates (instead of get_user_aiming every .1 seconds)
- Change: Bash chance has been reduced to 10%/20%/30%
- Change: Evasion and Helm will now flash your screen blue instead of previous colors
- Change: Orc critical nades will now have a max damage of 99 or 144 depending on victim's race
- Change: You will no longer lose your ankj/scroll of respawning if someone respawns you by Phoenix or warden's ultimate
- Removed: FT_impale_intensity cvar (edit this constant at the top of skills.inl)
- Removed: FT_blink_radius cvar (replaced with NECKLACE_RADIUS define)
- Removed: FT_healing_range cvar (defined at top of skills.inl)
- Removed: FT_no_orcnades cvar
- Removed: Human's teleport (Blink is the ultimate)
- Removed: Cheating Death check
- Removed: FT_spec_info (default is on, compile time option at top of warcraft3ft.sma)
- Removed: FT_items_in_hud (option no longer available)
- Removed: FT_show_icons (always on)
- Removed: FT_centerhud (this actually hasn't done anything for quite a few versions)
- Removed: DOD_bootspeed (you can change it at the top of items.inl)
- Removed: sv_warcraft3 (added a start/stop option)
- Removed: PRECACHE_WAR3FTSOUNDS define, precached sounds are required

Here is our to-do list:
//Add a start/stop option
//Need to give 2 flashbangs, not one
//Fix bug with doing autoselect w/FT_Races 8 then changerace and CENTER_CHANGED_NEXT displaying
//don't allow vip's to tele
//bug: gain money when 0 players in DOD
//bug: mole on top of each other; moles on respawn which sucks
//necklace of immunity = charges
//spec hudmsg needs to not carry over when you spawn
//don't depend on client_damage from csx/dodx - catch damage event
//undead explodes when you change team; fix it
//look over admin.inl and setlevel function ( so tired! )
//reset skills/ultimates when user dies or right before the round starts
//let /level show the user's XP if they're dead!
//display message when wardens will be immune

Basically war3ft is going through an entire re-write... Cleaning up a lot of the code etc... Avanderik is also contributing a decent amount of his time to this. Just wanted to let everyone know!!!

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