Version 2.2.9

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Version 2.2.9

Post by Geesu » Fri Nov 25, 2005 3:40 pm

- Addition: resetxp yes/no menu
- Addition: Default amxx db added if a user does not enter one (for SQLite)
- Bug Fix: XP_Add_Slashes could cause a runtime error with certain names (and XP wouldn't save)
- Bug Fix: When using the vault, XP wouldn't show in the changerace menu
- Bug Fix: XP wouldn't save for MySQL when the name contained more than one '
- Bug Fix: Chameleon XP wouldn't show in the changerace menu even though it was there
- Bug Fix: String formatting error in XP_Check_Connection
- Bug Fix: Players getting an abnormally large amount of health
- Change: CVARs changed to reflect that mysql isn't needed, UPDATE your war3ft.cfg
- Removed: [WAR3FT]/[WAR3] tags in front of log_amx statements
- Update: languages.txt file
You must update your war3ft.cfg file!!
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